How Do I Know If I’m Depressed or Sad?

so how do I know if I’m sad or if it’s
depression I got asked it all the time
depression can manifest as sadness but
there are a few differences between
depression and feeling down that you got
to know for example if you’re depressed
you’re gonna lose interesting things you
used to like doing frankly any hobby you
like to do that you don’t want to do
anymore is a concern sleeping problems
also occur you can see too much or too
little both extremes for problems weight
change is a big issue again if you can
lose weight or gain weight it might
still be related to depression feeling
low energy or fatigue is pretty typical
for depression as is trouble
concentrating or thinking clearly and
then there’s that feeling of
worthlessness or excessive guilt and
even suicidal thoughts to go along with
it you experience any of these symptoms
daily for more than two weeks then it
could be due to depression you got to
get professional help so I asked your
doc to refer you to a trusted expert
however if you’re experiencing feelings
of sadness that lasts only a few days
and don’t have any of the other symptoms
you talked about then that’s probably
normal so if you feeling sad you can try
boost your mood with exercise even a
simple walk around the block can have
clear your mind to put things in
perspective exercise has always been
helpful it’s also helpful to talk to a
trusted friend that member or therapist
talks therapy really does make a
difference remember whether you’re
feeling blue or potentially show
symptoms of depression if you ever have
thoughts of hurting yourself contact
emergency services immediately be sure
to subscribe to my channel so you don’t
miss anything and remember to check back
often to see what’s new

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